Aquaponics4Patriots – DIY System

Aquaponics4Patriots - DIY System

With the purchase of your Aquaponics4Patriots DIY System, you’ll get a compact DVD with over two whole hours of personal instruction on getting your aquaponics system fully operational and churning out fresh fruits and veggies within just a couple of months!

We’ll take you by the hand and build an aquaponics system from start to finish. It’ll be like you’re standing right there, watching  everything! Here’s what we’ll show you:

  • An Introduction to Aquaponics
  • Core principles (understanding the basics)
  • Sump tanks, water and air pumps (the “nuts and bolts” of your system)
  • Where to get parts (no guesswork here!)
  • Aquaponics for different climates (works whether you’re in Florida or Alaska!)
  • Types of fish you can use AND EAT! (from tilapia, to trout, and even catfish!)

In addition to this great information, you also get three great Bonus Videos:

  • Intro Class: How to Endlessly Harvest Healthy, Delicious Food with a Fish-Powered Garden!
  • A Complete Guide on Water Cycling and Quality Control
  • Everything You Need to Mechanically Maintain Your System and Reap Bountiful Harvests of Fresh Healthy Food!


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