Aquaponics4Patriots – DIY System

With the purchase of your Aquaponics4Patriots DIY System, you’ll get a compact DVD with over two whole hours of personal instruction on getting your aquaponics system fully operational and churning out fresh fruits and veggies within just a couple of months! We’ll take you by the hand and build an aquaponics system from start to finish. It’ll be like you’re standing right there, watching  everything! Here’s what we’ll show you: An Introduction to Aquaponics Core

Aquaponics4Patriots – Platinum Upgrade

In the Platinum package, you’ll get the complete Aquaponics4Patriots DIY System in a hardcover, professionally produced and printed DIY companion manual.  We’ve packed over 44 pages with all of your Aquaponics4Patriots training, so there’s no guesswork involved You’ll also get 5 bonus DVDs full of videos that will take your aquaponics knowledge to the next level. Here’s a quick look at all five DVD’s that are included absolutely FREE when you